Tower Audits and Maintenance
We provide confirmation that your prospective tower site meets the requirements you desire. We will also implement a maintenance program to provide you with peace of mind should your site require on-going maintenance.

Site Acquisitions
Let us do the leg work for you: from leases to title searches to initial site sketches, Towers of Texas, Inc. will find and coordinate the site you need.

With a rapid turnaround, we can get your antenna placed right where you need it, through new tower construction or collocation. We do many build-to-suit's each year.

Site Construction
Let us handle all of your construction plans. Your site compound will be carefully planned and coordinated, providing you with the benefit of unsurpassed quality.

Working with our collocation and construction services, we can place your antenna in the location that provides you with the best possible coverage.  Many of our towers can be extended to a greater height in order to meet your antenna location needs.


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For information, contact: Horacio "Lacho" Saenz or David Ortiz
phone: (361) 547-9111 | fax: (361) 547-0159 | e-mail:
phone: (361) 547-9111 | fax: (361) 547-0159 | e-mail:


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