Towers of Texas, Ltd.

From the day he founded the company, Blackstone Dilworth has worked to develop and maintain a reputation for quality service and timely response to the needs of his customer. Through this policy, Towers of Texas has developed a portfolio of over 150 towers that connect South Texas in its fifteen years in the tower rental business. Towers of Texas is currently working aggressively with many carriers on build-to-suit opportunities throughout South Texas along with providing space to carriers desiring co-location on existing Towers of Texas towers.

Towers of Texas Site Development, Ltd.

Site Development acquires sites through its in-house land department. With their extensive background in the title business and land leasing in South Texas, our employees know and relate to the land owners, but understand the rigorous technical requirements of a successful tower site. While Site Development focuses on tower sites for Towers of Texas, it also handles site acquisition for carriers. Site Development's tower fabrication shop is capable of fabricating both guyed and self support towers to meet the specific needs of each site. By fabricating the towers, mounts, and accessories, Site Development offers carriers unique flexibility and versatility in getting a site on the air.


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For information, contact: Horacio "Lacho" Saenz or David Ortiz
phone: (361) 547-9111 | fax: (361) 547-0159 | e-mail:
phone: (361) 547-9111 | fax: (361) 547-0159 | e-mail:


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